5 Reasons NOT to do Yoga

“There are hundreds path up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.” – Hindu Proverbs.

To be healthy, there are many pathways. There are not one particular workout or diet that will be the sole way of reaching that ultimatum. You may listen to others’ opinions and try them on your own to see which suits you better. Disclaimer: I wouldn’t be able to tell you what diet works best and what workout styles will work to make you lose weight.  I will only be talking from my own experience and that doesn’t guarantee to work for everyone. 🙂

In today’s entry, I will  be talking about my opinion on Yoga as my choice of healthy living. Yoga of course is not for everyone. There are some legitimate reasons on why you might want to reconsider taking up yoga as your daily practices. Below are the reasons you should consider to avoid pain and suffering of dwelling into yoga:

1. It will ruin your foodie experience

Stop eating 01When you are regularly on your mat practicing, you will start to notice what the food you eat will do to your body. To the point that you actually may want to give up those oh-so-yummylicious, but oh-so-stomachace-inducing kind of food. For those foodie like me, life is a struggle when you know the harm those food will cause and you just gotta stay away. Simple as that.

2. It will force you be an early bird

Sleep early 01

You will start to realize that practicing yoga in the morning is more beneficial compared to the late hours, forcing you to sleep early so that you could be an early bird to start doing yoga. Late-night partying will probably be really numbered. It is always a torture to wake up so damn early to sweat it out when your body is still crying for some peaceful sleeping time.

3. You will have boring, no drama-mama life

gossip 01If you love to be in a drama kinda life, you should really skip yoga. Yoga will cause you to desire a more peaceful life. You will likely be just a good listener and try to shy away from the dramas. You will be a peaceful, simple and boring friend to be with. You will also stop wanting to judge people and rather be in a positive, looking-for-good in other people kind of mannerism that the drama community will not appreciate. Basically, you will be the odd one out. Will that be ok for you?

4. It will totally ruin your wardrobe collection

yoga pants closetWhere’s all your nice things? You used to have so many fancy stuff in your closets. What happened now? Over 100 pairs of yoga pants and clothes?

5. It will change your body, mind and soul

mirror selfThe softer your body becomes, the softer your heart becomes. The stronger your body becomes, the stronger your opinions and beliefs become. The strengthening yet softer physicality of yours due to yoga will dig up and open up the deepest self of you. Yoga is so steep in its tradition and spirituality that it will inevitably makes you discover your dark places in life and be more emotional. If you are not ready to face your feelings and subconscious mind, run away from the sight, sound, and smell of yoga.

The mat is generally the mirror of your life. The more you are on your mat, the more you will discover a lot of your current stage of your life. How do you deal with problems? How grateful are you with what you have? How resilient are you with challenges? And so on and so forth. Many things will surface when you are consistently showing yourself on the mat. Are you ready for the consequences and take responsibility of your current habits in life? If you are satisfied with your life now and not looking for a change, I think you might want to reconsider yoga.

Hopefully you can get the gist of this post. There are of course still yogis and yoginis out there who are still staying up late, drinking, smoking, swearing, being impatience, being judgmental, and being a foodie – they just tend to be more mindful about it.

Overall, it is true that yoga can change a lot of aspects of your life, but you are still the driver of your life and it’s up to you to choose. You always have a choice to take in what’s good for yourself. Only you know yourself better. Happy yoga-ing or not! 😉


Author: stephiel09

A yogi and nutrition lover

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