My First Post!

This is going to be my first post and probably just a few words to start telling you a lil’ bit about myself and my yoga journey.

Well, this blog is going to be me posting lots of my new passion on healthy living as well as my yoga journey. I have always been passionate on writing blog, sharing things about new discoveries. I stopped blogging when my corporate life kicked in on me. Didn’t have much time to write and shut down my blog. Since now I am no longer bounded by long working hours of corporate life and decided to pursue a new life path, I would love to share this life amazing journey and hopefully the content could be something of benefits to most. 🙂

I started yoga about a year ago, last year around Oct 2014. Little did I know that my decision back then became a profound part of my life today. I have heard and tried yoga way before 2014, but it never caught my heart. I have always thought yoga is a boring stretching exercise. Well, maybe that’s also because I took up yoga in the common commercial gym out there where they usually do offer basic yoga classes. Or perhaps I wasn’t ready to receive new lessons in life yet. In 2014 when I finally decided to sign a 3 year-membership with a Yoga studio, I made it a point and promised myself to HAVE to go to the classes every single day to make my money worth it. At the beginning, I was struggling in some classes especially those Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes which requires lots of flexibility and core strengths. I usually came out of those classes feeling lousy. Thoughts: “Why can others do it and I can’t? Why did it look so easy, but hell difficult to perform? Why why why why and why?” First thing: I was comparing myself to others. Second: I was so impatient with myself. Third: I judged and under-estimate simple things. Fourth: Too much questions! I looked back and realized that was me back then. My point is, I didn’t realize that yoga brought out my personality in me so obvious at that present moment that I tried to CHANGE. Cut story short, I got so seriously attached to yoga because at every class, with every pose that I do, I discover myself. I found things about myself that I want to explore more.

That curiosity brought me to accomplish my 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Santorini, Greece. I spent 3 weeks in Santorini, and after that, I could tell that I was at peace with myself after over 20 years of living on this planet Earth! A definite life journey that I am so grateful to every single day.

My blog is going to be dedicated to what I have learned during the discovery of myself and some healthy living tips that I myself believe in and will hopefully be of benefits to many of you guys who are reading the blog.

The captivating beauty of Oia town, Santorini, Greece.

Author: stephiel09

A yogi and nutrition lover

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